User Manual

Pairing (First time only):
1. Switch on Shuttr, make sure LED light is flashing, DO NOT press the “Camera” button.
2. Flip the OS switch to Android or Apple, based on the OS of your smartphone.
3. Open the bluetooth setting on your smartphone, make sure “Bluetooth” is on.
4. For iPhone, click “Shuttr” on “Devices”.
5. For Android, click “scan” and select a keyboard device .
6. The LED light should be on, open the camera app and take photo by pressing “Camera” button.


Taking photos:
1. Make sure bluetooth is ON in your smartphone.
2. Switch on Shuttr, the LED light should be flashing, press “Camera” button to connect to your smartphone. The LED light should be ON and bluetooth on your smartphone should show a connected status.
3. Open the camera app and take photo by pressing “Camera” button.
4. Turn off Shuttr after use. If you don’t TURN OFF Shuttr every time after use, the battery will run out in around 1 month!


Battery Replacement